Checklist background with the quote "Just as important as the hard work of the diversity audit, I need to have goals for why

When faced with the idea of a library diversity audit, @mmoser took a pause and thought about her goals to make it more than checking a box. #schoollibrary #waedu #WATeachLead

College building and campus with a title that reads Reflections on the 13th year

After watching the documentary, Personal Statement, at #WATeachLead EdCamp, @mmoser reflects on what it means for her as an educator and the larger community working with students on high school and beyond. #collegereadiness

Title Card for "Building Classroom Community" blog post with a flower and a Welcome Sign.

As students return, how will you build community and welcome all students into your learning space? @mmoser shares her takeaways from PD on restorative practices & Deep Equity #WATeachLead 

3 Quick Ways to Build Inquiry into Practice

Lights are off save a unicorn nightlight cycling through a rainbow of colors.  Two pouches have been consumed.  I’ve patted my three year old's back for 3 minutes then 2 minutes and now 5 minutes.  Yet, her eyes are open, staring up me, ready to ask me another question.  Her latest favorite:  “Why are you my mommy?”

Forms of Writing

This past week, a wave of educators swarmed Seattle’s downtown to attend AVID Summer Institute. As an attendee, I had the chance to attend one of their newest offerings:  writing across the content areas.

Planning Testing With Students in Mind

My school has entered assessment season; we've been there for a couple of weeks.  It’s a beast. But, I doubt I have to tell you that.  We have the task of coordinating 600ish students needing to take the Smarter Balance subject tests, each of which takes two days. In another month, we will test the 300ish juniors on the new science test.  Sandwiched in between our state tests are two weeks of AP tests.

Sketch Notes Drawing

Do you remember what it was like to take notes as a student?  Great! Well, let’s erase all those memories and start over with a fresh concept.  If we are truly preparing our students for post high school world then we must consider how they consume information while engaging with media and their world.

Old Camera With Title "Memories"

This holiday season, my daughter was finally old enough to get involved with our holiday traditions.  While, at two, she still has time for to wait for some traditions, she understood kind of what Santa was when we went for pictures (still a no go on a happy solo picture), loved mixing cookie dough with me and “cutting” our cookies that were all happy faces according to her, decorating the tree by choosing the best spot for a particular ornament, “singing” in her first holiday concert and picking out a tag for the gifts to send to cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas.