Many people are building a large structure.

Experiences in the trial and error, successes and shortcomings, of school design and development provide insight into the realities of educational transformation and evolution in the wake of COVID 19.

Taking off for a great year

A bit of time in the summer makes all the difference for having a stress free start to the year. It's easiest to get a jump on things rather than try to build the plane while already up in the air.

The Love U Get

My father didn’t get to have a mother, and his father preferred to be dead.Not every child has the joy of experiencing loving parents. Allow me to tell you a story. I promised it has more than a little to do with education.

Bored Student

The student ducks her head after scanning the rest of the class, anxious not to be called on. She isn’t sure what answer the teacher is looking for. She fears the inevitable teasing that comes when she makes a mistake.

Sad Student

Difficult.  Trouble-maker.  Problem. Bad kid.  Defiant. These words are sometimes used to describe a student who threatens the classroom environment by challenging authority, refusing to comply, or who seemingly is disinterested in learning and makes sure everyone else is aware they won’t be participating.