Coming Up for Air

How can we offer our students and community the emotional support they need during this time?  Here are a few ideas to help each other "come up for air."

Recipe for Renewal

Have your resolutions for instruction lost their flavor?  Try this new recipe for renewal.

Go For A Walk

Do you need to renew, reconnect or re-energize your role as an educator?  The key may be as simple as taking a walk!

Learning like a Champ

How do you inspire a championship mindset for learning?  Our students' hopes and dreams are built on the balance of excitement and challenge.

If Only You Knew

We want what is best for our students.  But do we really know them?  The bridge to a bright future is built through the relationships we construct.

PD on the GO!

Does your professional development need some fuel?  PD on the GO can keep your engine running! #WATeachLead

Pass the Peas Please

How can we build family partnerships in learning? Try sharing a meal! #WaTeachLead